I Spent Two Weeks Driving a Minivan and Lived to Tell the Tale

Have you ever stripped naked and walked up and the down the road holding a billboard sign saying “I’m a parent with multiple kids. Please assume my life smells like old McDonald’s french fries and regret?” I have. But instead of a billboard I spent two weeks driving this 1994 Chrysler minivan. After a small […]

When did Birthday Parties Become such a Big Deal?

I remember all my childhood birthdays and my friend’s birthdays being held at the park or MAYBE at a McDonald’s. Now, it seems every time my 3-year-old son gets an invitation to a birthday party it’s being held at some crazy over-the-top inflatable warehouse - with trampoline rooms and gluten free organic pizza. I can’t […]

Entertaining Your Kids on the Cheap

Right now my son has three loves in his life: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, chicken nuggets and The Avengers. While I can’t do anything when it comes to the chicken nuggets, like any good father, I can help him pretend to be Captain America. The process for making the mask and shield are same: Now […]

How to share a hotel room with your kids 101

Before I had children vacations meant sleeping in, staying up late and being 100% lazy. Now that I travel with two little ones, vacations are more like parenting just with a different background. In what I’m hoping to make an ongoing series, I’ll talk about the tips and tricks I’ve found to helpful when traveling […]

Sleep Training Child Number Two

  Sleep training a small child is the epitome of “short term pain, long term gain.” For us and baby number two that proved to be the case. Before I get started I want to be upfront. There are A LOT of different ways to sleep train an infant and just because the one I used […]

A 15 Minute Game your Kids will Love

Every parent needs a game in their back pocket that requires very little set up and can kill 15 minutes of their kids time. Today I present you with what I’m calling “Competitive Coin Flicking”   Required: Coins - I’ve found pennies work best for younger kids due to their light weight Targets -This comes […]

I Taught My Son to Pee Standing Up Using Goldfish

I Taught My Son to Pee Standing Up Using Goldfish

Some skills can only be taught by dad. Peeing standing up is one of those skills. I recently discovered it was time for me to bust out my parenting tool belt and get to work. What surprised me the most, wasn’t that I needed to teach my son to pee standing up; it seems that […]

Top 5 Audiobooks for Family Car Trips

Top 5 Audiobooks for Family Car Trips

In the same way reading a long book to your children, chapter by chapter, before bedtime can lead you sharing an adventure with them. Audiobooks can do the same. I’m a huge fan of audiobooks. I listen to them quite a bit and have found they’re great at killing time during family car trips.  The best part of […]

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