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Co-creators of Dadswhodiaper.com Paul Snowden & Chad Carter


With over 20 years in the media and broadcast industries between them, Paul Snowden and Chad Carter have seen a few things and spent a lot of time talking over the airwaves. Then they each became fathers. Subsequently, their wives are very happy there is now someone else around to hear the same stories repeated over and over again.

Becoming fathers brought with it a few new sights (and smells) and a whole new reason to talk a lot more.

With the desire to help other dads, Dads Who Diaper is dedicated to offering up a little bit help and a whole lot of support. Whether it’s resources and information, reviews, parenting humor, hacks, and much more, we strive to be a place where dads can find others just like them.

Our work has been featured in Huffington Post, Disney Baby, Scary Mommy, Multiplicity Magazine, Modern Mom and more. We hope you find Dads Who Diaper to be informative and fun, just like fatherhood!

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