This site is more about all of us than it is me. Sharing what fatherhood is all about and being engaged as a dad.

There’s pooping, peeing on the wall, spit up, no sleep, and the occasional blowout but there’s also smiles, hugs, laughs and moments that just make everything melt away.

After more than a decade working as a TV journalist, once I became a dad, I had a TON of questions. In seeking out information or just doing research on products I wanted to share what I learned with others. Using my journalism background, I reach out for answers and share them here. I also help businesses understand and develop strategies to navigate the traditional and social media landscape. With a career of telling and sharing stories, I look forward to bringing my thirst for information and the experts behind it to you.

As a contributor, I’ve written over 85 posts for, serve as a contributor to, been featured on, written for Multiplicity Magazine, and more.

My wife and I live in Portland, OR and it’s the perfect place to call home and raise our family. Fatherhood has changed just about everything in my life, including priorities and professions.

Thanks for visiting us at Dads Who Diaper, I hope you find it as fun and informational as we do.

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