This Will be the Only Bag You Need as a Dad

Yo! Just so you know: North St. Bags provided the product to facilitate this review but as always all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own. I’m gonna just go ahead and put this out there. This bag makes me feel a lot cooler than I am. Do I still buy clothes at Costco and occasionally […]

This is the Most Popular Halloween Candy in Your State

Halloween is 11 days away. Spooky! Do you have your kiddo’s costume yet? We’ve gone through about seven different options. He couldn’t quite make up his mind, though we think we’ve finally settled on Spider-man. We’ll see if it changes again in the next week-and-a-half. The one thing I love about Halloween, is the candy. […]

Ben Stiller Reveals Cancer Diagnosis, Lifesaving Test

There’s something about cancer. It sucks. There’s no gentle, sugar-coating, easy way to say it. It just sucks. Being told the news is no picnic either. Just ask father, actor and comedian Ben Stiller. In a personal essay on Medium Oct. 4, he shared the news that in 2014 he was diagnosed with prostate cancer. […]

I Spent Two Weeks Driving a Minivan and Lived to Tell the Tale

Have you ever stripped naked and walked up and the down the road holding a billboard sign saying “I’m a parent with multiple kids. Please assume my life smells like old McDonald’s french fries and regret?” I have. But instead of a billboard I spent two weeks driving this 1994 Chrysler minivan. After a small […]

See when ‘Finding Dory’ swims onto On-Demand and Blu-ray

Dory’s still swimming…in fact, she’s ready to swim right into your home. Disney/Pixar’s summer hit is coming to On-Demand and DVD soon, of course just in time for the holidays. Even Dory herself is pretty pumped about it. I gave everyone in my audience a download of #FindingDory! You might find yours right here. https://t.co/8jx8qf03Of — […]

When did Birthday Parties Become such a Big Deal?

I remember all my childhood birthdays and my friend’s birthdays being held at the park or MAYBE at a McDonald’s. Now, it seems every time my 3-year-old son gets an invitation to a birthday party it’s being held at some crazy over-the-top inflatable warehouse - with trampoline rooms and gluten free organic pizza. I can’t […]

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