You Might Actually Enjoy Grocery Shopping Because Of This (Even With Kids)

ClickList - the easiest way to grocery shop, you might actually like it

Yo, just so you know, this is NOT a sponsored post. I was not paid or offered any compensation for this post. Just getting that out of the way now.

I’m not sure how much of an anomaly I may be but I’m gonna go out on a limb and say I live in the minority on this one.

I do all the grocery shopping in our house.

Every Sunday, I’m schlepping off to the store to get everything we need for the week to come. That’s not to say I’m unique or even special, I’m sure there are thousands of my fellow dads out there who are the weekly shoppers for your family but I’m definitely not the target shopper most stores have in mind.

Scroll through your favorite products or search prior history to make sure you don’t forget anything

That’s why I wanted to weigh in on Fred Meyer’s ClickList. What’s Fred Meyer you may ask? Well, if you live in the Pacific Northwest you know it as the beacon of incredibleness that’s passionately known as “Freddy’s.” A fan favorite, one stop shopping destination, that is superior to Walmart in just about every way. Oh, and “Freddy’s” is now owned by Kroger. I’m sure you’ve heard of it.

So in 2016 Kroger started launching ClickList at locations around the country. The order online and pick up at the store service that received rave reviews from mom bloggers everywhere. Recently Fred Meyer started renovating several stores to offer the service and I’m here to tell you, it’s worth it.

What’s the big deal? Well, Sunday morning I literally ordered the groceries from bed. That’s right, while a three-year-old barrel-rolled between my wife and I and our one-year-old laughed-snorted while guzzling his morning bottle, I ordered the life sustaining supplies we’ll need for the week.

Select your pickup date and time and off you go

I’ve been using the service for about two months and it’s worth it. Benefits include storing previous orders to make one-click restocking simple, you can search for your favorite items and even go back and look at old purchases to see if there’s anything you’re missing. You can even leave a little note for the shopper if you’d like. I like thin cut deli meat and slightly firm tomatoes and I politely let them know how to pick our products.

Once you’ve got everything sitting in your cart you get to pick the day and the time to go and then pick it all up. Tip: if you want same day service, the earlier you order, the earlier you can pick up. I’ve even ordered on Saturday for a Sunday morning pickup. It’s a pretty convenient.

When you arrive, call the number and the groceries are delivered to your car

You also have the option of allowing substitutions on your order. If they don’t have your initial item in stock they will bring out a possible substitution to show you when you arrive. You don’t have to take it and if it cost more than the initial item, you don’t pay the difference. The only big issue I’ve experienced is several of our favorite items being out of stock a few times. Yes, it’s annoying but in the end it hasn’t detracted from the ease of use. And yes, you can use both digital and paper coupons.

Loaded up and ready to get back home

Overall, the ClickList service is top notch. The process is simple and can save time during the weekend when time is at a premium. There is a $4.95 cost but I’ll be honest, I’m not sure if I’ve been lucky or what, but it’s been waived every time I’ve used ClickList. Certainly not complaining about that one.

While I do all the shopping for the family, it doesn’t mean I enjoy it all that much. This gets the job done with ease and let’s be honest, you’re already doing everything else one your phone. Why not get the chores done too?



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