How to share a hotel room with your kids 101

Before I had children vacations meant sleeping in, staying up late and being 100% lazy. Now that I travel with two little ones vacations are more like parenting with a different background.

In what I’m hoping to make an ongoing series  I will talk about tips and tricks I’ve found to helpful when traveling with children.


Today we’re going to be talk about sharing a hotel room with your kids, more specifically how to put them to bed.

The basic rule: Silence and Separation

You’ll need some way to separate yourself and any noise you’ll be making from the child.

This is best done in one of two ways, depending your hotel room layout; either hid in thebathroom or behind the curtain like Oz. Both approaches are pretty much the same and requires one parent to stay in the bathroom long enough for the kid(s) to fall deep enough asleep that you can at least watch a little T.V or surf your laptop in bed.




For separation I recommend the radical idea of only making one parent stay with kids once bedtime as come. There isn’t any reason why both parents need to be in the room so why not switch every other night. For my wife and I this ends up being the perfect away for each of us to a little alone time as well, and everyone needs that even on vacation.



While these tips might not be Earth shattering they are something you might want to think about before leaving on vacation.


To Recap:

  •     Workout a plan with your spouse were one stays in the room to handle bedtime and other explores and then the next day your switch
  •     Find out if your room has a curtained area or just a larger enclosed bathroom; either way that will be your new home.
  •     Hide away and surf the internet on your phone for the 30/45 minutes it might take them to fall asleep and get into a real deep sleep
  •     You don’t need spend all night in there. There is so reason once they’re full asleep you can come out to the main area.


Comment below with any tricks or methods have you found to be successful when it comes to putting kids to bed while on vacation.





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