Entertaining your kids for cheap

Right now my son have three loves of his life: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, chicken nuggets and The Avengers. While I can’t do anything when it comes to the chicken nuggets I can help him pretend to be Captain America.

I know that mask isn’t Captain America but he doesn’t know that and it makes me laugh



The process for making the mask and shield are same

For the mask just leave the string long enough to go around their head


Now this is the part where I talk about making your shield and mask a little nicer than the one my 3 year old is rocking.


  • Be a little better artist than myself
  • have your kids make their own designs
  • Print off masks or shield designs and glue them to your paper plates.


In Conclusion

Even if your mask and shield turn out silly your kids will have fun making them and it’s a great way to kill an hour.


Paper plate man, coming to a Marvel movie near you.


I would love to see any of your homemade paper plate shields or masks left in the comments below.








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