Killing 15 minutes of your kids using a penny

Every parents needs a game in their back pocket that requires very little set up and can kill 15 minutes of their kids time. Today I present you with what I’m calling “Competitive Coin Flicking”



Coins - I’ve found pennies work best for younger kids due to their light weight

Targets -This comes down to how old your shooter is

younger - a large piece of paper

little older - a paper plate

older - a plastic cup.


Set Up:

Place the target object in the middle of your coffee table or dining room table and begin to fire away.


Final Thoughts

  • The hardest part for the kids will be balancing the coins over the edge of the table without it falling over so expect them needing help for the first few minutes.
  • The game can end up being very addicting and hard (when the cup is involved).


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