I Taught My Son to Pee Standing Up Using Goldfish

Goldfish. Who knew they were useful in so many ways?

Some skills can only be taught by dad.

Peeing standing up is one of those skills.

I recently discovered it was time for me to bust out my parenting tool belt and get to work. What surprised me the most, wasn’t that I needed to teach my son to pee standing up; it seems that every boy is born with that skill naturally ingrained to their body.

The hard part, I quickly learned, was teaching him to “control the stream.” So to solve that issue I busted out a bag of goldfish crackers.

Here’s my breakdown of turning a wild firehose into a steady stream.


The first step was to have to him pee on a tree outside. Peeing on the tree quickly turned into peeing in this flower bucket.

I might need to remove the dirt and start over in the spring


After mastering the skill of peeing in a bucket so large it was impossible to miss. It became time to move the newly found skill inside.

Once inside and in front of an actual toilet, I quickly realized that teaching him to keep the stream under control was going to be the real challenge.

Try not to be too jealous of the pink toilet


After spending the next few days thinking about the results and continuing to be unimpressed with his abilities to aim, I thought an idea.

I would turn to the snack cabinet. So I grabbed some goldfish.

Take 2oz of goldfish and call me in the morning


Next time he needed to pee I threw in a goldfish.

I found if you let him throw it in he is actually excited to pee…lol

The goldfish ended up being a perfect way to keep him focused on peeing only in the center of the toilet and also is getting him more comfortable with the whole idea.

So Goldfish, practical for so many things.

Do you have a potty training trick? We’re all ears, share with us below!

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