Ten Stocking Ideas under $5


I understand Christmas is only a few days away and you haven’t figured out what to stick in the kids stockings…I mean what Santa will put in the kids stockings.

So here a few great ideas that easy to find and cost less than $5.


 1. Handheld Water Game $4.51

Handheld Water Game - Rings (Colors May Vary)

I dare you to find any video game, not named Dark Souls, that is harder than this.

2. Harmonica $4.29


Use the extra .71 to buy ear plugs

3. Magic Grow Capsules $4.84

Magic Grow Capsules (Various themes), 12 Count

You can also look for these at your local Dollar Store

4. LEGO Creator Sea Plane $4.99

LEGO Creator Sea Plane

Legos for under $5, nothing else needs to be said.

5. Slinky $4.99

Because why not.

6. Nerf N-Strike Jolt Blaster $4.98

I apologize to the pets in your house

7. Glow-In-The-Dark Mini Stars $4.82

Who doesn’t remember these

8. Wooly Willy $4.95

Bring on the good times

9. Yo Yo $4.50


  • Duncan Imperial Yo Yo

    The most funny way to give yourself a black eye


10. Wooden Plane $4.99

Great for DIY type kids




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