15 Etsy Products Every Star Wars Parent Needs to Know ~Under $10


The entire world, myself included, has Star Wars fever thanks to the release of the Star Wars VII trailer.

As a good parent, you must use the time you have left - now through December - to get your children as pumped up about Star Wars as you are.


Here are 15 Etsy Products Every Star Wars Parent Needs to Know about (they’re all under $10!)


1) R2-D2 Mini Crayons


$4.00 - Each 8-pack comes with one - red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, brown and black crayon. Each piece is approximately 1 3/4 inches tall x 1 1/4 inch wide x 1/2 inch in depth and is wrapped in bubble wrap.



2) Light/Dark Switch Plate

Star Wars Light Side/Dark Side Light Switch Plate Cover


$6.75 - The only problem is that I’m pretty sure the wife won’t let me add this to the master bedroom.


3) Boys Star Wars Toilet Target

Boys Star Wars Toilet Target


$5.75 - Do you have a potty training boy in your house? How about a potty trained boy that has a hard time “aiming?” Maybe, you have a man in your house that could use a refresher course and you’re tired of cleaning that toilet before you use it….these “targets” are for you!


4)Dad yoda best Mug

Dad yoda best Mug *Star wars Mug* *yoda Mug*


$7.65 - Who cares if you buy the mug for yourself, the kids are thinking it.


5) First Day on the Job

Star Wars™ LEGO® Style Kids Room Decor - Original LEGO® Art Style Photography Art Print: "First Day on the Job"


$9.99 - “How funny I thought it would be to have Buzz join the ranks of Darth Vader’s well known henchmen. So I set it up, photographed it, added a bit of post production finishing touches, and my very first LEGO® inspired, toy photography art had been created.”


6) Star Wars Lampshade

ON SALE Lampshade Star Wars boys handmade with Pottery Barn Kids fabric

$10.00 - Read your bedtime stories under the glow of this Star Wars lampshade.


7) Star War - Cookie Cutter


$9.80 -Kids will destroy these cookie Deathstars faster than Luke did with the real one.


8) C3PO droid temporary tattoo

C3PO droid temporary tattoo- Star Wars


$6.00 - This lovable character is a protocol droid designed to serve human beings - built by Anakin and companion to R2D2, this fellow can accompany you in your travels.


9) Star Wars Party Invitation


$8.99 - Star Wars Birthday Invitation - Make their birthday special with this unique Birthday Party Invitation featuring Darth Vader!!


10) Star Wars Personalised Bedroom Sign

Star Wars Personalised Bedroom Sign


$7.98 - Nothing Screams Master Bedroom like a personalized Star Wars Bedroom sign.


11) STAR WARS Rebel Alliance Patch, Iron-on

STAR WARS Patch Iron on Rebel Alliance logo Starbird Rogue Symbol Insignia 2" RED


$2.99 - Shouldn’t every good parent iron a Rebel Alliance patch on their kid’s backpack?

12) Star Wars Kids Buttons

Star Wars Kids Buttons


$6.00 - You can never have too much flare.


13) Star Wars Inspired Princess Leia Bottle Cap Bracelet

Star Wars Inspired Princess Leia Bottle Cap Bracelet


$4.50 - This adorable Star Wars inspired bottle cap bracelet is on pink elastic. The elastic is about 5.5-6″ and will fit ages 3 to adult. The images are on a flattened bottle cap and sealed with epoxy so they don’t get ruined.


14) Star Wars freeze pop cozies

Star Wars freeze pop cozies


$3.00 - “These crochet cuties will turn your little one’s freezie in to a light saber they’ll never forget!! Grab a couple of these and a box of Mr. Freezies and you have made every kids dream come true!! Just make sure they don’t start whipping them around with the tops cut off!! I learned that one the hard way :)”


15) Darth Vader DRAWER KNOBS

STARWARS Darth Vader  DRAWER KNOBS. Great for Starwars themed bedrooms.


$5.59 - Whether it be a dresser or kitchen sink in the bathroom nothing will complete the room more than a Darth Vader knob.

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