A Dad’s Best Friend…The Local Library

There are a few key words or phrases dads love to hear. Some of those words include

  • Free
  • Quiet Kids
  • Ways to entertain the kids
  • Free
  • Helps with bed time

and in case I didn’t mention it

  • Free

Your local library can help you with all those things and more.

Even before my wife and I had our first child we were big supporters of the library system. Who doesn’t like the idea of being able to read books on any subject, rent big name movies, or get audiobooks for a long car trip all for FREE*. After we had our son, our love for the library has only grown.

*Before I get hundreds of emails, I know the library is paid for by my tax dollars and therefore not technically free. I use the term free in the sense that it doesn’t cost me, or my family, anything additional to use.

As we have shown on multiple occasions, Dads Who Diaper is a huge proponent of reading to your kids at an early age and the library is a way to do that without needing to read the same book six months straight (I’m looking at you Llama Llama).

The library is also a great resource for parents who want to foster their kid’s love of reading. The library near my house has regularly scheduled book reading time. Also look out to see if your library has any musicians scheduled as that can be a great way to keep your kids quiet…I mean educate your children on music.

In conclusion: This summer you will inevitably find yourself with hours to burn before the glorious time in which you’re able to put your kids to bed. And there will no better way to spend those hours than by taking your kids to the library.  While you’re there pick up a book about impressing your kids, I know I did.

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