11 Great Parenting Items You Can Buy at the Dollar Store

Parenting can be is expensive.

So when you get a chance to save a few dollars it’s like a small victory for the wallet. I recommend becoming a dollar store parenting ninja.

While some items at the dollar store may cause too many issues to be worth the savings, I’ve found and listed 11 things I can recommend every parent buy for only $1.


11 Great $1 Parenting Items from the Dollar Store.


Road Trip Candy

Before any long road trip head to the dollar store and let the kids pick out a box or two of their favorite candy. It’s a fun treat for them and a way for you to steal their candy while they nap.


Coloring Books

There is no need to spend $5.99 on a “fancy” coloring book when you can pick one up at the dollar store. While each store’s stock may vary, I’ve always had good luck picking up something Mickey Mouse related.


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Squirt Guns

This is the ultimate dollar store item as it will be abused, dropped and more than likely left overnight in the lawn. The great thing about buying a squirt gun for only $1 is that if (or may I say when) they break it won’t break your heart or pocket book to just throw it away.


Storage Tubs

Kids come with stuff. I’m not sure how it happens but one day as a parent you’ll look around and just see little toys everywhere. While the dollar store may not have the large tubs that you can get at Target or Wal-Mart they do have some pretty great smaller ones for only $1.


Gift Bags

Raise your hand if you, as a parent, like wrapping oddly shaped action figures? Me either. The answer is to just buy gift bags from the dollar store. And if you don’t like gift bags they also sell wrapping paper.


Help your kid’s teacher

Teachers are always trying to make due with the limited supplies so any help you can provide will be appreciated. Every time I go to a dollar store I try and throw a few crayons or markers on my pile in donation.


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Kid’s Plates and Silverware

I don’t see any reason to buy a $5.99 pack of kids silverware from the baby store when I can get the same thing from the dollar store. My son has never complained that his fork or plate wasn’t name brand enough.



Being a parent requires you to own lots of band aids and there is no reason you can’t save a ton of money by buying them at the dollar store.


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Water Enhancer

I’ve mentioned on the podcast that these water enhancers are the perfect parenting item for trips (especially theme parks). Just pour them into some water and you’ve got flavored water that was cheaper than buying a $6 soda.


Platters or Serving Plates

Sure, you could wrap up that plate of cookies using a paper plate but it would be so much nicer to give it to them on a cheap plastic one from the dollars store. If it makes it back to you great, if not you’re only out $1.


And finally

The kids have to go to bed eventually…



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