Cracking Your Toddler’s Language Code

When your toddler starts talking it’s an exciting time.

You get to see - or more accurately hear - their growth and get excited about the entirely new way they can communicate with you.

On the other hand you have to become some type of code cracker to understand what they’re trying to say. Whether it’s dropping syllables, starting with the wrong letter, or just not even remotely sounding like the right word, in their heads you’re the one with the problem.

It’s taken awhile but we’re finally fluent in our son’s toddler talk and for the most part we’re all speaking the same language. He’s come a long way from pointing and grunting or doing the baby sign language signs we taught him. Now we’re having full-on partial conversations where he understands what we’re saying and can answer with short responses.

Here’s our current toddler dictionary:

Papas = Paci
Mop = Milk
Ippy = Hippie (lovie)
Razzie = Rasberries
Blue Blue = Blue Berries
Bobo = Blazer (dog)
Peas = Please
Ello = Yellow
Es = Yes
Vroom vroom = car, truck, heavy machinery
and many, many more.

The key to understanding, is getting on the same page. Often easier said than done.

Here’s what we do:

  • Hold item and have W watch us say the word
  • Ask him “can you say ____?”
  • Have him repeat a few times
  • Listen to how he says it, so we know what his “word” is for that same item
  • Repeat with new item

What are some of the popular toddler code words in your house? Share them in the comments below!

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