REVIEW - The Original Rody Horse


When I find a toy my son will continue to use month after month, I can’t help but award it with permanent toy box status. That’s the designation we’ve given to the Rody (or as my son calls “Little Horssssse”).


Rody comes in 16 colors and retails for $49.95.  The company also offers a Rody base that will covert it into a rocking horse.

The greatest plus I’ve found about the Rody is that it can take a true beating and be no worse for wear. My son (and me when my wife isn’t looking) will ride that thing all over the house and in the process hit every corner, table legs and occasional sleeping cat.




The negatives can be overlooked in my household but that might not be the case for everyone. First off, if Rody starts to get a little soft or isn’t inflated to your liking, you’ll need a pump as blowing into a little tube won’t cut it for this horse. Second, because of the inability to deflate and inflate Rody on command he will take up quite a bit of toy box real estate. And finally, your child might find Rody a little tippy and end up bucking off as if it was a mechanical bull. My son has laughed every time Rody has “bucked” him but each child is different.

Final Thoughts:

In my household Rody is winner. While it is a little expensive (look around as this would make a great baby consignment store purchase) and takes up valuable toy box space, there is no way you won’t get your money’s worth as your child hops around the house laughing and making horse sounds.

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