Review: Cloud b Twilight Constellation Turtle Night Light


At a cost of $33.95 The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light comes in many different animal variety (Ladybug, Bunny, hippo..etc) but the one we received and will be referencing is the turtle.

The Cloud B Twilight Constellation Night Light is a constellation night light attached to a soft stuffed animal. The constellations can be projected on the ceiling in one of four selectable colors (red, yellow, blue and green).  The Constellation Night light is also equipped with an auto shut off that will be activated after 45 minutes. It runs off three AAA batteries which are included.


What we love: My son took to the turtle as soon as it was taken out of the package and enjoyed nothing more than just changing the constellation colors for next twenty minutes. The bulbs found inside the Constellation Night Light are plenty bright to keep a child from getting scared.

Our challenges: Within a month one of the colored bulbs inside the Constellation Night Light burnt out and I can’t find a way to change it, plus while the Turtle Night Light is bright enough to be used for its night light purpose the auto shut off isn’t great for kids who don’t like waking up in the dark.

Recommendation: Maybe.

If you need a night light for an older child and just need it on for the hour your child is falling asleep this could work for you. When it comes to a night light it is expensive at $33.95 but you’re paying for the ability to project a colored constellation on your child’s ceiling.

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