Best Products to Reuse with Baby #2

Baby Luke just a few days after his surprising birth. We couldn’t be happier he’s here!

This post is sponsored by our friends at The Baby Cubby.

“Wait, what? Can you say that again doctor?”


That’s how we felt when baby number two made a sudden and unexpected early entrance into the world last week. While we spent several weeks “gently” prepping for baby, we were convinced we still had plenty of time before needing to crank out the laundry and buy up all the necessary items.

Born four weeks early, while sitting in the hospital cradling our newest bundle of joy, I couldn’t help but think about all the things we still had left to do.

That’s why I was thankful for our first son. We knew some of the big things we needed we could break out of storage, dust off, and put back into service. At this point we needed simple and easy.

Our friends at The Baby Cubby reminded us of some of the awesome things we already had that were just waiting for baby number two. We’d diligently stored them away for whenever we may need them again, and surprise, that time is now.

Don’t have them yet? Then here are some of our favorites and the best baby products to reuse with baby #2!

Boon Lawn Counter Drying Rack

These fun drying racks are so wonderful, we actually bought two. With all the bottles, nipples, paci’s, pumping items, and more, our grass filled up quick. These are fantastic to help air dry and keep your counter looking like it has some semblance of organization. Instead of just a daily tornado blowing through and driving you crazy.

NumNum Dips

It’s too soon of course for our newborn to start using these but we loved them with our toddler. When he was learning to shovel spoon things into his mouth these were great. They gave him some independence and us some piece of mind. Plus, it kept the mess to a minimum since they don’t hold a whole bunch. When you start that feeding transition give these a shot.

Bumbleride Stroller

One of the first purchases we made during the pregnancy of our first was our stroller. After researching and looking at just about every one we could find, we decided on the BumbleRide Indie and couldn’t be happier! It’s lived up to all of our expectations and more. We’re about to give it a good cleaning and let our new little guy take over the keys. As functional as you could possibly imagine it also comes with a slew of great accessories.

Bumbo Seat

The Bumbo Seat was a great addition to our home. While our first son did use it and it was a dinner table staple for awhile. He actually found it to be more fun to play with almost any other time. He would go and sit in it on the floor, bring his toys and play while sitting, and even eat and play at the same time. Which for us was all totally okay. With Baby Luke now here, we plan on breaking it out again (when the time is right) and taking it for another spin. It’s durable, sturdy, and so easy to clean we couldn’t imagine not using it.

Boon Flair High Chair

Boon makes its second appearance on our list. Space age and functional, I’m fairly sure there really isn’t a better high chair out there. Made of just one piece of plastic, it’s incredibly easy to clean and move around, it’s practically perfect. Our son loved his chair so much he wanted to keep using it way after he could be sitting at the table. Kinda think it was a bit of a comfort thing but it held up like a champ. We tucked it away into a closet and it’ll be ready for round two a few months down the road.

Diaper Bag

Okay dads, yes, you need a diaper bag. Whether it’s a messenger bag, backpack, or anything else that makes it easy on you find something that you can stuff full of diapers, wipes, snacks, change of clothes, and more. You’ll be happy you did. Better yet, find a diaper bag for mom too! It could be a great little gift to surprise her with before baby arrives. Secretly fish for a few details on what she would like and then surprise her with the perfect present.

Car Seat

There feels like a million car seats on the market. It’s easy to feel overwhelmed with them all. In our minds, consistency and functionality beat out trendy. We went with the Chicco Key Fit 30 for our infant car seat. It’s delivered everything we were hoping for and continues to be perfect for us. We just reinstalled it (after checking safety guidelines) for baby number two and it is wonderful. There are many fantastic car seats out there and this is only one of them but it’s been the perfect seat for us, likely you too.


There are so many places to buy baby products these days it’s almost too much. We won’t lie and say we never hit up Amazon because we do. Especially for those late night orders to restock diapers or impulse buy of something we didn’t need.

But when it comes to gear and equipment, we’ve found having someone knowledgable and helpful can make all the difference. Just because we’re on baby number two doesn’t mean we don’t still have lots of questions. Especially as technology has changed. That’s why we love The Baby Cubby to help break things down for us. They’re parents, friends, and pros who know what they’re talking about. Kinda takes the stress out and puts the fun in of all things baby.

Be sure to use this exclusive code: DADSWHODIAPER for 10% off your order at The Baby Cubby before June 6th.

What are some of your favorite baby products? Let us know below!

I received compensation in exchange for writing this post. Although this post is sponsored, all opinions are my expressly my own.




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