Review: Summer Infant Touchscreen Digital Baby Monitor

Summer Infant Touchscreen Digital Video Monitor

Technology is reigning supreme when it comes to monitoring our kids.

From the Hatch Baby Smart Changing Pad, to the Owlet monitor, to many more, caring for baby is officially high tech.

When it comes to the best baby monitors, those too have stepped up their game. Just two and a half years ago, when we were researching baby monitors for before our son was born it seemed like video & touch screen monitors were still somewhat a novelty. Now it’s like if you can’t sit in bed and watch their toes wiggle at night then it’s a waste of a money.

With our second baby due in just a few months, we’re once again researching products that we’ll need. Or more likely need to update. Since we’re still not ready to drop the monitor in our toddler’s room, we need to find a monitor that allows two cameras.

We’ve been thrilled with our current Summer Infant Touchscreen Digital Video Monitor that we’ve had since our son’s birth. The problem is, they no longer make our exact current model, instead updating to this similar version.

Here’s what we loved:

  • Color monitor worked beautifully - Could see day or night without problems
  • Easy touchscreen controls
  • Room temperature reading
  • Survived more than its fair share of drops, kicks, and moments it went MIA
  • Super easy to install
  • Priced high but overall found it to be worth it

Challenges we had:

  • Battery life gets short as it ages
  • Picking up monitor can accidentally turn on screen and change settings
  • Talkback feature wasn’t popular with my son (scared him)

Summer Infant Touchscreen Digital Video Camera

Overall, we’ve been super pleased with the monitor and find it still very useful but with two rooms to watch over we need to expand to a different option. There are options to add a camera but I’m not convinced that’s the right option for us. With the changes in camera quality I don’t know if it would work as well as we’d like.

We’re looking at Summer Infant’s Side by Side Split-screen Monitor that allows for two cameras and a split-screen monitor to watch both rooms simultaneously. We’re starting there because of the quality and good experience we’ve had with our previous monitor. The split-screen version is pricy, there’s no doubt about that. However, since we’re not needing to buy very much for our second go-around, it may be worth the purchase.

Overall, I’d recommend the Summer Infant brand. We’ve had a very reliable monitor that’s survived quite a bit. Whether we’re ready to commit to the next updated version, will depend on just a little bit more research.

No product or services were provided for this review. All thoughts and opinions are strictly our own.

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