I hope you’re sitting down because they now make magnetic onesies

Trust when I tell you it was hard to get a 3 month old to hold still long enough to take this photo

Sometimes a person runs across an idea so simple but brilliant that it just totally blows their mind. For me that item is the magnetic onesie from Magnificent Baby.


I have no idea how long this company has been around, or even how my family acquired this particular onesie. But from the first moment I realized I wasn’t going to have to figure which of 900 buttons on the left went with the ones on the right I was sold.



I don’t know what else I need to say as any parent who has tried putting a small child into pajamas already knows how awesome this idea is. Poking around their site it looks like their prices are very reasonable. While it doesn’t look like their currently being carried in any “big box” retailers their store locator shows them to be found in quite a few smaller shops.


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