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Today we review the Easy Turn Coupe by Step2. This coupe can be found for between $52.99 and $64.99 at the time of this article.

The Easy Turn Coupe come in either green or pink and even though it does not come fully assembled it shouldn’t take more than ten minutes to have it up and running. The coupe has a cup holder, a gas cap and an opening hood but the biggest selling point for this coupe over others is the removable floor board.

What we love: With most coupe toys a child is forced to be at a  stage in which he can push himself with his feet before getting true enjoyment out of it but the Easy Turn Coupe can be used much earlier. When the Easy Turn Coupe’s removable floor board is installed a child can sit inside the coupe and enjoy being pushed around and when they get older the floor board can be removed to have the coupe function as a standard foot powered toy. We have also found the cup holder to useful on a hot summer day.

Our challenges: The only issue with the Easy Turn Coupe, besides my child asking to be pushed around four hours a day, is that the plastic tires seem to have taken a beating with the heavy outdoor play. The tires in no way have any diminished function from the wear but it is something I’m keeping an eye on.

Recommendation: Buy; It’s a favorite in my house and could be in yours too.

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