Dad Invents the SnoofyBee - Crazy or Genius?

Have you ever thought to yourself, you could use a “dog cone” for your children? One dad, Michael Perry of Albany, Oregon,  did and has turned his idea into a fully funded kickstarter campaign.

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Michael says the idea for the Snoofybee came “When my oldest son was 6 months old, the minute his diaper came off, both little hands shot down to investigate. As time went on, every diaper change became a wrestling match.”

You may first laugh at the idea of a diaper changing pad that puts a cone around the arms and head of your child but Michael has already found a market of parents excited for the product.

Here’s what many of them have already said:

“Finally mom doesn’t need me to hold my sisters hands every time she has a gross diaper!” - Savannah Schneider, (big sister)

“This product is amazing! Such a good way to keep your baby’s hands away from the dirty changing area. Anyone that changes diapers needs this product.” – Dawson Lake, (first time dad)

“My Husband and I wrestle with our son constantly to get him to keep his hands still so we can change his diaper. Finally we found a solution. The clean hands changing pad has made diaper changing fast, easy, and effective.”  - Elvi Sutton – First Time Mom

“If you are feeling like a rodeo cowboy during diaper changes, get a Snoofy, now. I cannot recommend it enough… I latch a couple quick pieces of velcro and we are set up for a mess-free diaper change accompanied by a side of Peek-a-Boo.” –Erin, Real Life Mommies

“I have seriously lost count of how many times I’ve had to wipe poop off of my son’s butt…and hands. With Snoofy Bee that is no longer a problem!” -Jennifer, Not Quite Crunchy Mommy

“Ever since my boy learned to roll over, changing his diaper has often been a huge hassle. All that changed when I got the SnoofyBee Clean Hands Changing Pad. His favorite thing is to peek over the rim at me and giggle. Diaper changes have by far become more pleasant.” Melinda Williams – First Time Mom

“We got the SnoofyBee at just the right time. My son was just starting to roll around and try to grab the wipes, paper, or anything else around him. Diaper changes are all around easier for both of us. I like to keep a few diapers and small package of wipes wrapped in the snoofy bee. When we are out and about it is so much easier to just grab it and have everything I need instead of having to haul the entire diaper bag around. We recommend it to everyone with a little in diapers.”  Bekah Brown -Mother of Two

If you missed out on the Kickstarter campaign, just check out their website to see when they’ll be hitting a retail store near you.

So what do you think? Would you use the SnoofyBee at home? Share your thoughts below!

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