“You Have to F*cking Eat” is the Playbook for Every Parent’s Pain

YouHavetoFuckingEatCoverEditor’s Note: This guest post is from Sara Gundell and our partners at Novel Novice.  

It’s a picture book for parents — not for kids — so, take note of that first.

Adam Mansbach, Author "You Have to F*cking Eat"

Adam Mansbach, Author “You Have to F*cking Eat”

Noted? Okay, good. Because other than the language that renders this book inappropriate for the little tykes, You Have to F***ing Eat by Adam Mansbach and illustrated by Owen Brozman will have parents everywhere laughing and groaning as they commiserate in the narrator’s child-rearing frustrations.

Much like Mansbach’s previous best-seller, Go the F*** to Sleep, this book highlights some of the more frustrating aspects of parenthood — in this case, a child’s ability to seemingly eat nothing and still grow and have energy.

Some may find the language crude, but any realistic parent will look at this book and find the humor in the shared experiences of raising a child. What the authors do so well is that they balance the parental frustrations with obvious love and care for their kids, with lines like:

Your cute little tummy is rumbling
And pancakes are your favorite treat.
I’m kind of surprised that you suddenly hate them.
That’s bulls**t. Stop lying and eat.

Even the expressions on the kids faces in each illustration are so spot-on familiar to any parent — or even someone like me, who only deals with the kids of friends and family members. You can see the kid who wants nothing to do with the food you’re offering. Or the kid who doesn’t understand why he can’t wear pajamas to school. Or the child dreamily eyeballing the bread roll on the floor of a restaurant.

F*cking Eat Grab

From “You Have to F*cking Eat” by Adam Mansbach

You Have to F***ing Eat is not for the parent that takes his- or herself too seriously. But if you’re visiting Dads Who Diaper, chances are good you have no problem laughing at the frustrations of parenthood. This book is a fun and funny way to poke fun and have a good chuckle at your own expense.

It would also make a great gift (Christmas is coming!) for a spouse or fellow parent, who you know would appreciate the humor. You Have to F***ing Eat is in stores today.

Want more? Click to read our exclusive interview with author Adam Mansbach.

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