The 35 Foods From OUR Childhood that Give You Flashbacks

As dads we’ve been known to find ourselves knee deep in string cheese, organic yogurt and whole wheat puffs.  The current crop of snack and candy have nothing on the stuff of our childhood.  Sit back and go down memory lane.

Foods From OUR Childhood


Cheez Balls


Apple Slice




Astro Pop


Big League Chew


Cheetos Paws


Choco Tacos


Dinosaur Eggs


Dr Pepper Gum


Ecto Coller


Flinstones Vit


Fruit Stripes


Gatorade Gum




Handi Snack


Happy Meal


Jerky Chew


lifesaver soda


LifeSavor Holes


McDonalds Pail




PB Crunch


PB Max


Pixie Stick Tube


Pizzeria Chips


Purple Ketchup


Purplesaurus Rex


Shark Bits


Pixie Sticks


Squeeze It


Tato Skins


War Heads


Wax Lips


Whistle Pop


White Crunch


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