Lock in Your Family’s Love, Bring Home Cakeballz

Photo courtesy Cakeballz

Photo courtesy: Cakeballz

Party planning typically isn’t Dad’s strong suit. We excel at delivering top quality goods on a moments notice, as long as you let us know exactly what it is you need. Leaving us to plan the party is likely to get you whatever theme was on sale at the local party store, 19 different flavors of drinks, and a large cookie cake featuring loads of frosting on it because it was the first thing we saw walking into the store.

Cakeballz at Costco

Cakeballz now at your local Costco

Well dads, congratulations because you can feel confident throwing a party on a Tuesday night after the kids’ practice or recital because Cakeballz just showed up at your local Costco. Cruise through the frozen treat section and when these bright and colorful boxes catch your eye, do yourself a favor and pick one up. At only $10.49 for 30 “ballz” you get to deliver the party, live in that glory, and not break the bank.

Photo courtesy: Cakeballz

Photo courtesy: Cakeballz

Our Costco only had Birthday Cake flavor when I stopped by but Cakeballz also bakes up Red Velvet and Chocolate. Once I got home, I thawed one of the two containers for about an hour and before I could even try one, my wife had already opened the package and swooped in.

Cakeballz will definitely satisfy the sweet tooth. The Birthday Cake flavor is moist and sweet, with a nice vanilla flavored frosting hard shell. Bite size and perfect to just pop in your mouth as you do a drive by through the kitchen. Leave them on the counter and just wait to see how long they last. I probably could have stood to thaw them just a bit longer - but to tell the truth - I kinda liked them having a slightly chilled taste. Plus, they were staring at us, begging to be eaten. Willpower has never been my strong suit.

If thinking ahead an hour to pop them out of the freezer to thaw is the only thing standing between you and a morsel of deliciousness, use the following 60 minute plan: when SportsCenter starts remove from freezer, when next SportsCenter starts consume with enthusiasm. It quite simply is that easy.

So go ahead, make the family happy, nestle some Cakeballz into the back of the freezer and be the hero when you surprise everyone with a little party treat any night of the week.

Disclosure: Cakeballz provided the product to facilitate this review but as always all thoughts and opinions are strictly our own.

One of two trays from the Cakeballz box

One of two trays from the Cakeballz box

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