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Prepping Baby’s nursery has been a fun and long project. It’s truly amazing how much stuff there is out there to choose from. While we did buy a number of things, the nesting phase was a wonderful contribution to its decor. As Wifey found some awesome DIY projects, for a little extra special touch. The nesting phase is a great time for a teamwork project that helps you prepare for baby, while encouraging communication and fun between you two.

Since we both have very distinct and deep roots in two different states, Oregon & Texas, she found this awesome idea online and replicated it perfectly. Below I’ll show you the steps she took to make it at home and how easy it is for you to do as well.

First, we went shopping for some nice but inexpensive frames. We found these at Ikea. The Ribba style is a great and easy frame that can be used for a wide variety of pictures or projects.

Ikea Frames

I suggest really giving them a good once over at the store before buying, just to make sure corners line up and there are no major scuffs or dings in them. After that, they work perfectly and are fairly easy to install.

Next, she printed out outlines of both Texas & Oregon from a simple google search, cut them out, and transferred them to heavy card stock paper.States Outline

At this point you have two options, you can cover these stencils with glue and use glitter to cover them. Or what she did was find pre-glittered paper at Michael’s which eliminated the large mess and the need to find glitter around the house for weeks.



After gluing the newly cut pieces of glitter paper onto a pre made sheet of scrapbooking paper, she used a heart shaped cutter to create to hearts to represent the cities we’re from, Houston & Portland and glued them to the glitter paper. At this point the crafts portion is done, it’s an easy and speedy project.

I prepped the frames with the hanging wire and we’re almost ready to hang.

Frame Prep

Frame Prep2

After cleaning the glass, making sure the positioning was right in the frame, we were ready to take them to the nursery. Now they hang on the wall as a great way to show Baby his family’s history and a great DIY project you can complete at home.

States Pics Final


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