Story Lines Book Series - Illustrate Your Imagination

Photo Courtesy: Compendium

Photo Courtesy: Compendium

Our little one is still too young for this great book series, but we saw them while out and about this weekend and couldn’t pass up the opportunity to share them with you.

The Story Lines book series by Compendium, are fantastically simple, yet can spark a world of imagination with your kids.  The books which have a variety of titles, including the one I saw, “Dad Can Do Anything.”  Each book offers large empty white pages, that become the canvas which allows your kids to draw, color, imagine, and inspire alongside the bright type and story suggestion.










The titles range from members of the family; Mom, Dad, Grandma, Grandpa, to ninjas, kitties, fairies, even kangaroos.  The idea is to give your kids the basic of the story and let them fill the pages with their imagination.  A perfect gift for that special family member or even to just have around the house to show off your flowering artist.

Reading to your child is now more important then ever before, and these wonderful books now not only let them continue to their love of reading but also expand their skills and learn to love art and the idea of gift giving as well.

A great “Story Line” indeed.

Photo Courtesy: Compendium




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