Why My Favorite Reality Show Isn’t On TV

Reality Show Post Feature ImageI’m a fan of reality TV. I’m also addicted to HGTV.

I’m slightly ashamed to admit it, considering the options available on the 300+ channels I’m obligated to have thanks to non-à la carte cable bundling. But the truth is, reality TV is a nice little escape at the end of the day.

Now, let’s be clear. I’m more into Survivor, Amazing Race, The Profit, Hotel Impossible, and The Voice, than Keeping up with the Kardashians, Real Housewives of (name any city here), etc. But in the end it’s scripted reality TV.

That all being said, I’ve long been a fan of a reality show that is more entertaining than any of them. At times has more real drama and is a sensory experience no 3D TV or 4D movie theater can provide. And if you have kids you’ve probably watched this particular show at length yourself.

The baby monitor.

Our son is now 20 months old and our Summer baby monitor provides some of the best entertainment we can find. I guess, more specifically our son - in his crib - is the entertainment. We get to watch as if he’s on Big Brother through the camera mounted on his wall.

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A short time ago, he started wanting some company in his crib. Some of his favorite stuffed animals were of comfort to him, so we allowed him to take few friends into his crib to sleep with. What we found was him not only sleeping better (and quiet playing better) but great entertainment for us!

The animals have done wonders for keeping him content after he wakes up from a nap or in the morning. He’ll often spend time just quietly playing with them, reorganizing them, hugging them, or in a few occasions tossing them overboard. But the company gives him something to do, so he doesn’t expect us to come in and get him the second he wakes up. It’s been great to use that time to get additional chores or work done around the house and even gives us a bit (a bit) more sleep on weekend mornings!

But it’s also provided some absolute hilarious moments that we can see all thanks to our monitor. From what appears to be hugging and kissing “Snowy” the Snow Leopard to pointing out and naming the eyes, ears, nose, and more on “Moosey” the Moose. Yes, I’m very aware our name choices are very sub-par. I tend to hope they’re original in their unoriginality.

Through the monitor we can hear “Eyes, eyes. Ears (laugh). Eyes” as he points to each body part on his animals. We get to hear screeches, giggles, laughs, mumbling, and watch him walk laps around his crib. He stands up and points to the owls stenciled on his walls and exclaims, “owl!”

It’s all very entertaining and in my mind teaches him how quiet play and how to entertain himself for short periods of time. Lately we’ve been hearing, “No, no, no,” followed by a hysterical laugh. I’m sure he’s got world domination on the brain.

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Fatherhood is a growth experience. When we were once terrified to put anything in his crib (bumper included) has now turned into utilizing a few soft toys to keep him entertained. Prior to having a child I never knew how quickly they would grow up. Now I’m watching it happen right before my eyes. Before long he’ll be a teen and not wanting to spend time with his dad in favor of his friends. So for now I’m loving taking in every moment I have with him and every moment I get to watch him grow. It’s reality that could never be scripted.

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