5 Parenting Lessons I Learned In The First 6 Months

Parenthood is the most amazing, life changing, crazy, drink inducing experience there is.  With absolutely no instruction manual, no right answer, and no chance you’ll get it right all the time!  We’ve been at it for just about six months and have a smiling, laughing, pooping, hilarious little person who captures our heart and stresses […]

Sound Machines & Your Child, How We Did Everything Wrong.

My son is using one right now as I type this during his nap.  Which makes today’s release of a study in the Journal of Pediatrics showing sound machines may cause hearing problems for children all the more worrisome and concerning. If you’re like us, and have had a child who’s been sleeping, how do I put this kindly, […]

Messy & Memorable: Why Starting Solids Is A Boost For Babies & Parents

There’s something about solids. A milestone, a mess, a memory to capture on camera.  There’s just something about starting solids in a baby’s life that hits home and feels like a major accomplishment. Let’s face it, there were times when you weren’t sure whether you’d make it this far.  The overnight crying sessions assaulting your […]

Chew On This…It’s Teething Time

I’m fairly certain I wouldn’t like walking around all day with someone pinching me as hard as they possibly could.  That’s kinda what I imagine teething feels like. At seven months our little guy is starting to sprout a few of his lower teeth.  We’ve got two that have fully broken through, with another in a “happening any […]

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