Dad Inspired to Create Awesome Themed Baby Bibs

Lance Little, Father & Make My Day Founder| CEO

Lance Little, Father & Make My Day Founder | CEO

Lance Little was a frustrated father. Baby bibs just weren’t as good as they should be, he thought. With a product design background he knew there should be a better bib out there. When he couldn’t find one, he created what he couldn’t find. Making exactly what he wanted.

The CEO and founder of Make My Day, is a dad to two girls, almost three and nine months. Inspired by the two adorable faces looking at him during meals, Little set off on a path of prototypes and product testing. Now he’s got a company he loves and can’t wait to share his products with parents.

When we find dads who are doing awesome things for and with their kids we love sharing what’s inspired them and how they can help you do the same. We were sent two bibs to try and shared our thoughts and we wanted to share more. In our interview with Lance he shared why he started his business, what he hopes to accomplish, and what’s coming next.

What frustrated you about existing products on the market that led to launching Make My Day?
My knowledge of product design and manufacturing began years ago while working in London for a well-known gift/novelty company. After launching the U.S. operations for them while living in New York, I realized how much I missed the outdoors and scenery of New Zealand. So along with my wife (who is originally from Denver) we decided to move to the next closest thing….Colorado!

Fatherhood soon followed, and with the birth of our two beautiful daughters, my conversations changed from rugby to bibs and all things baby!

I’ve always had a keen eye on products and trends and was frustrated by what was available on the market…. so when I couldn’t find it, I of course decided to make it. From the start I leveraged my knowledge of product design to create a line intended to not only make your day, but life easier.

And after countless hours of research and prototypes, I feel we’re well on our way to making that a reality for parents around the world.

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You have a background in product design, why did baby products jump out at you instead of another industry?
Life has a way of putting opportunities right in front of you. With the birth of my two daughters and being in the thick of it right now – it only made sense to use my knowledge of product design and manufacturing towards creating some really fun, high-quality baby products.

make_my_day_bibsWhat’s the inspiration behind the name Make My Day?
When we decided to shift our focus solely to the baby/juvenile industry we looked at changing the name – but Make My Day just made sense. We want to be known for making products that not only make your day, but life easier.

How did you decide to add fun features to your bibs? Was that part of your design from the beginning?
In looking at the other bibs on the market – it seemed like their only focus was on utility/function (and were not very well executed). We wanted to make a collection of bibs and baby products that ticked all the boxes for unmatched quality, adorable style and much needed functionality.

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As a dad, launching and selling products in a space more traditionally influenced by moms, what obstacles did you have to overcome to be successful?
We didn’t have too many obstacles to be honest. We understand that moms do most of the purchasing in this category and subsequently a lot of our input of course comes from them – but with that, dads are increasingly making their opinions known on products and ways to improve upon them.

make_my_day_bibsHow did those experiences help shape your approach to fatherhood and business?
It’s just like any other start-up, work ethic makes up for a lot. Growing up on a farm in New Zealand will definitely teach that to you at a very young age. My family had to work hard for everything they have and nothing was ever handed to them. It’s definitely a trait I hope to pass on to my daughters!

What advice would you give for fellow future entrepreneurs?
Don’t be afraid to ask for help. I think the entrepreneurs who admit they don’t have all the answers are the ones who will ultimately succeed. Don’t be afraid to outsource in areas you need help and spend your time in the areas you excel.

As a father and founder/CEO of a business how do you manage your business requirements while still maintaining quality time with your family?
Similar to what I mentioned above, involvement is the key. No matter how busy I am with my obligations at work I make time to be there and spend time with my girls. Also, with a lot of our contractors based overseas in places like New Zealand or Asia – the different time zones allow me to be with the girls late afternoon/evening and then connect with our teams in those countries late evenings after the kids go to bed.

What’s next for Make My Day?
Plain and simple, our goal is to be the market leader for silicone baby bibs! So we’ll continue to innovate in that category while adding products that compliment the bibs all the while maintaining our goal for unmatched quality and functionality.

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