6 Things We All Remember from Back to School

SoExcitedMemeIt’s back to school week in America. The time when kids complain and parents celebrate the exact same thing. For kids - it’s back to early bed times, no TV before homework, and hours of staring at the clocks in class. For parents - it’s finally quite around the house, there’s projects to keep the kids busy, and you don’t have to be in charge all day long.

Decades later the thought of going “back to school” still sticks with all of us. The traditions, the photos, and the clothes. Here’s our list of the things that we remember most about going back to school.

New Shoes/Clothes


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There’s nothing quite the feeling of wearing new shoes and clothes as you walk through the doors on your first day. They’ve sat tucked away for weeks, taunting you, begging you to be worn during the summer, only to be denied by mom. Today is the day you finally get to strut your stuff and show off your new digs.




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You’ve gone all summer without seeing your bestie from science class. You’ve talked, maybe run into each other at the store a few times, but now you get to chill and hang out every. single. day. School is like organized play time (minus all the class and stuff) you get to see all your friends every day. After a summer of hanging around the neighborhood, finally you get to venture to off and see what everyone else did all summer.


Getting Up Early


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What is that noise? Seriously, can someone turn that off?!? Yep, the old alarm clock is back in action ready to piss you off every morning at the exact same time. Can’t sleep? Don’t worry, the alarm clock will taunt you as you count down the hours of sleep you WON’T be getting. Long gone are the mornings of sleeping til noon and staying up with the neighborhood kids til 10pm. Primetime TV comes on, you go to bed. Wait, that still sounds oddly familiar.


First Day Photo


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Every year it’s the same thing. Hold this sign, go stand here, and see how much you’ve grown. It’s the first day of school, yet every year parents turn it into New York Fashion Week as they snap photos as if you’ve never been to school before.  By the time you get home, every first day of school photo is out and on the fridge ready to haunt your new friend who was nice enough to walk home with you.


Sports Season


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Back to school also means the start of a new sports season. You finally get to show off all those mad skills you’ve been practicing with dad all summer long. With your new gear fresh out of the store, you’ve got more than just skillz to drop on everyone.




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Hopping on the school bus or that neighborhood carpool, you’re swept off to school in luxury fashion. Half eaten breakfast, forgotten lunches, and high pitch screaming are the perfect way to roll to school on a daily basis. It’s amazing the person driving actually got you to school, rather than ditching and rolling out the side of the car.

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