Dads Who Diaper Podcast Episode 15

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Have you picked a guardian for your children? It can be a difficult topic to discuss, mortality never is. But in picking a guardian there are many (many) factors to consider, though many people haven’t thought about all the options that may make it easier. This week we talk with an attorney who breaks down the steps to make the whole process easier.

It’s back to school time! Did you know 78 million students will be filing through the doors of schools this year. We break down some of the stats behind the school season.

Great dads come in all shapes, sizes, and characters. In this episode we shed some light on the great fathers in cinema history. From John McClane to Atticus Finch, these fathers all are special in their own unique way. Do you agree with our list? Listen and share.

It’s all on this week’s edition of the Dads Who Diaper Podcast.



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