Dads Who Diaper Podcast Episode 14

Podcast Feature Graphic

It cost how much to raise a child? Yep, the latest figure was released this week and it’s a staggering sum. We break down the cost and try to grab our breath thinking about all that money.

We also chat with the co-founders of A online site for men to curate and find clothing geared toward them. Dads, you don’t have dress frumpy anymore. Ditch the pleats, Crocs, and white socks, we’ll get your wardrobe up to par.

This week we also discuss the 10 things every dad should teach their children by 13. What do you think made our list? Listen and see if you agree.

Finally, Jeff Bayer is back with a look at what’s new on DVD for kids this week. Offerings include The Muppets and Disney Nature’s “Bears.” Are they worth your money? Jeff has the answer.

It’s all on this weeks edition of the Dads Who Diaper Podcast!



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