Baby Names - How Popular Will Your Name Be?

What’s in a name?  Well quite a bit actually.  When it comes to naming your children some find it easy, for others it’s incredibly difficult to pick a name you both like and believe fits your child.  When we were considering names, we found it much easier to choose girl names than boys.  Turns out we had a boy.  We finally came up with the perfect name but not after some long searching.

Though it’s not just before baby, do names matter.  They carry the moniker for their entire lives.  Personally, professionally, names matter.  There have long been trends in baby names.  Whether it’s a TV character, professional singer or athlete, or family name, the name we bless upon our children has to come from somewhere and often you’re not the only one thinking of it.  As original as you may think it is.

I stumbled upon this Time Magazine tidbit that gives a great look at naming trends and popularity.  You can see a name’s history and its projected popularity for the next 25 years.  Go ahead have some fun.  Look up your name (mine’s on the decline) and if you’re baby name searching, this might just help you find a bit of originality.

Snapshot of chart with names I plugged in

Snapshot of chart with names I plugged in

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