New Release: Peekaboo Barn Farm Day Hits App Store

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“Farm Day is our best effort to date to show how much fun the Peekaboo Barn characters can really be.” - Nat Sims, CEO Night & Day Studios

In a follow up to their smash hit app Peekaboo Barn, award winning Night & Day Studios released today Peekaboo Barn FARM DAY. In our advance look at the Farm Day app, we found it lived up to all the experiences expected from previous Peekaboo Barn releases.

Following in theme with the orginal concept, Night and Day has done a brilliant job keeping the design of Farm Day sleek and simple, while delivering bright and engaging illustrations for children. Fun animal sounds are paired with new interactive tasks of sheering sheep, or washing the dog. All designed to engage and promote touch and sensory learning for young children.

After more than 80 million plays of Peekaboo Barn, the team at Night & Day has been working overtime to deliver another high quality app that will draw kids in and offer learning opportunities with every cluck of the rooster, milk of the cow, bark of the dog, and “baaa” of the sheep.

For Night & Day Studios CEO Nat Sims, Farm Day is more than just a new app, it actually set a new course for the company. “I can honestly say everyone on the team is extremely excited to be launching Farm Day. It’s the culmination of a two-year struggle to redesign our business model, change our direction, and put the right resources in place to even be able to do this app.” 

It succeeds exactly where it should - keeping the quality high while not overdoing the concept. “Farm Day is our best effort to date to show how much fun the Peekaboo Barn characters can really be” Sims said.

Night & Day Studios has become one of the most reliable makers of children’s apps on the market and continues their winning streak with the latest addition to the Peekaboo Barn series with Farm Day. The Peekaboo Barn Farm Day full version costs $1.99. You can download from the App Store here.

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