Most Annoying Kid Toys

Learn and Dance Interactive Zoo from Vtech

Learn and Dance

Via: Imgur

It doesn’t look that annoying until you hear it in action

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I added a photo of Tickle Me Elmo but pretty much any Elmo doll that makes noise can be counted.


As a child I could never understand why my dad “accidentally” broke my Corn Popper toy but

now that I have my own kid I seem to find myself googling “how to destroy corn popper toy”.



For the next toy I will use this quote

My brother, who has no kids and sees his niece once a year, got her an electronic Dora guitar. It had a volume button so you could choose between loud and ear-splitting. Somehow that got lost in the move. I wonder how that happened.

Who doesn’t want to own a haunted piano mat?

“I couldn’t stand it when my kids got one of those big piano mats. It would constantly go off at night … in the closet! It was the scariest thing ever because it was near the kitchen and I’d go get a drink at night and it would start playing.” – Tina



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You can also file this Nerf gun under the category of “Great toy when you were a kid but nightmare when you’re an adult”



And no list would be complete without Legos. They are a great toy when used for its intended purpose but when stepped on they become spiky squares of destruction.



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