Entertaining Your Kids on the Cheap

Right now my son has three loves in his life: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, chicken nuggets and The Avengers.

While I can’t do anything when it comes to the chicken nuggets, like any good father, I can help him pretend to be Captain America.


I know that mask isn’t Captain America but he doesn’t know that and it makes me laugh

The process for making the mask and shield are same:


For the mask just leave the string long enough to go around their head

Now this is the part where I talk about making your shield and mask a little nicer than the one my 3-year-old is rocking.

  • Be a little better artist than myself
  • Have your kids make their own designs
  • Print off masks or shield designs and glue them to your paper plates.

In Conclusion:

Even if your mask and shield turn out silly your kids will have fun making them.┬áIt’s a great way to do things together and kill an hour.


Paper plate man, coming to a Marvel movie near you.

I would love to see any of your homemade paper plate shields or masks left in the comments below.








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