Dad Hack: Keeping Your Kids Entertained at a Restaurant w/ Sugar Packet Football


One of the hardest things to do as a parent is to eat out and I’m not even talking about somewhere fancy.

Keeping kids from making too much noise or making a gigantic mess is the goal of any parent when they decide to adventure out during the dinner hour. I have discovered that using a simple sugar packet (your packet may vary) I’m able to keep the kids quiet and entertained from the time we arrive to the time the food is delivered.


Step one:

Locate a sugar packet

Sugar packet football


Step two:

Have the kids try and slide the packet across the table across the table getting it to hang over the end (touchdown).

Sugar packet football



Now it’s not as easy as it seems to pull off


*Our rules say that each side only get one push and the other person gets to push it back from where ever it stops.


As per scoring I usually forgo any kind of extra point and just award the full seven per “touchdown.”

Sugar packet football


Just remember, no helmets at the diner table




I hope this Dad Hack helps you maintain the peace next time you’re at a restaurant.

If have a great Dad Hack that you want to share leave it in the comments below or email


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