Parents Magazine Blogger Challenge: Changing Table to Craft Bench

Parents Mag Hero ImageWhen you have an active child at home who loves to be creative and a construction worker (seemingly at the same time), finding a space that can engage and entertain them is important. Especially indoors where in the Pacific Northwest we see some wet winters.

That’s why we converted this IKEA Gulliver Changing Table into a Craft Bench as part of the Parents Magazine Blogger Decorating Challenge. The task was to convert the table into something completely new.

This project was fun, easy, and has already provided hours of enjoyment for our son. With another baby due in June, this bench will live on for many years as a great way to help them and friends create and build together.

Here’s everything you’ll need to make it happen.


1. Assemble Gulliver changing pad shelves as instructed. Set top shelf aside.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 1 Credit: Dads Who Diaper

Changing table fully assembled

Set top shelf rails (IKEA step 13) aside and save (you’ll use them later).


2. Lay side piece with poles (IKEA step 10) on ground. At the top, measure 15” from the front (use IKEA instructions to determine front & back) and mark it.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 2 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


3. Using handheld saw, cut down that line

Photo: Craft Bench Step 3 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


4. Using handheld saw, cut front side post flush with top of middle shelf

Photo: Craft Bench Step 4 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


5. Using handheld saw, remove first 4 posts flush with top of middle shelf. Discard portion you’ve removed.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 5 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


6. Gently sand area where posts were removed.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 6 Credit: Dads Who Diaper

Repeat steps 3-7 with second side piece.


7. Using one of two saved top shelf rails (step 2), measure six 4” pieces and one 7” piece.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 7 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


8. Then use handsaw to cut pieces.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 8 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


9. Lightly sand the back of each piece for better adhesion.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 9 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


10. Place glue on sanded side of each piece.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 10 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


11. Place each piece around promoter of top shelf, with long piece down the center.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 11 Credit: Dads Who Diaper

Photo: Craft Bench Step 12 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


12. Cut pegboard to fit 30 1/2” x 19” to fit inside top shelf opening. (Many home improvement stores can do this for you)

Photo: Craft Bench Step 13 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


13. Spray paint pegboard desired color

Photo: Craft Bench Step 14 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


14. Assemble sides and bottom two shelves as instructed

Photo: Craft Bench Step 15 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


15. Measure width of table

Photo: Craft Bench Step 16 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


16. Using handheld saw, cut remaining top shelf rail piece to size

Photo: Craft Bench Step 17 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


17. Measure 6 1/2” from back of middle shelf and place top shelf rail piece in place. Trace line against back.

Photo: Craft Bench Step 18 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


18. Add glue to bottom portion of top shelf rail piece

Photo: Craft Bench Step 19 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


19. Place back piece against line. Using screw gun or screwdriver add three 1 1/4” screws to top shelf rail piece to secure (NOTE: wood is very soft so it is easy to use screwdriver if no screw gun available)

Photo: Craft Bench Step 20 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


20. Place top shelf flush with cut ends. Screw two 1 1/14” screws into each side and three across bottom to secure top shelf vertically

Photo: Craft Bench Step 21 Credit: Dads Who Diaper

Photo: Craft Bench Step 22 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


21. Using five to seven 1” cabinet screws, secure pegboard to cut pieces on top shelf

Photo: Craft Bench Step 23 Credit: Dads Who Diaper


22. Decorate

Bonus: Add two hooks on inside to hang string for a roll of craft paper.

Photo: Craft Bench Final Landscape Credit: Dads Who Diaper


Supply List:

Pegboard – Home Depot – $7.97
Spray Paint – Home Depot – $3.87
1 1/4” Screws – Home Depot – $1.94
1” Cabinet screws – Home Depot- $4.59
Gorilla Glue – Home Depot – $4.97
Sanding Block – Home Depot – $3.97
12” Craft Paper Roll – Michaels – $3.49
Baskets – Dollar Tree – $3.00
Total: $33.80


What do you think, any ideas you’d have to make it better? Share below. Also, be sure to check out some of our other DIY projects you can do around the house!

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  1. Jill Myrick  October 11, 2016 at 7:02 pm

    In my husbands workshop his tools are hung on pegboard such as this but i have never thought to do that in my sons room. Thanks so much for the idea. This will look great in his room 🙂


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