Meet the Dad Who Created Epic MTV ‘Cribs’ Video of Daughter’s Nursery

Remember this viral video…from last week?

That’s Bryan Canatella, dad-to-be and viral video maker (along with his wife Caryn) who has a series of hits on his hands thanks to the impending birth of his daughter.

You likely saw his MTV ‘Cribs’ style video of his daughter’s nursery, because it was everywhere last week. Buzzfeed, Huffington Post, Time, Today Show, and on, and on, and on. The video was so good I felt like I was instantly transported back to the early 2000’s when Cribs was a hit and we were hearing “this is where the magic happens” every episode.

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I had to know what the inspiration for the video was and how they were able to create such a spot on recreation. So we reached out to Bryan for a fun little Q & A.

With his daughter Cecilia due in a few short weeks on August 14th (my birthday!!) we already can’t wait for more videos from this talented family.

Read our full interview with Bryan below:

What was the inspiration for starting the video series?
We just really enjoy making videos together and we wanted to capture the big moments of our family’s journey. As a filmmaker, it’s also good to have an outlet for being creative and YouTube seems like a great fit for us. We want to eventually make daily videos and it’ll be great to look back on when we are older!

MTV Cribs GifDo you have a background in photo/video content?
I’ve been into filmmaking and video production since I was really young, always making little movies with my friends or home movies. So it’s something I love to do, and lead me to go to film school. After college, I got into shooting wedding videos, and then met my wife Caryn, who was a wedding photographer. After we got married, we joined our wedding businesses and we still shoot weddings together today. So photography and video are our livelihood and passion!

The video announcing the pregnancy to your wife’s family went viral, why do you think it struck such a chord?
Pregnancy reaction videos are really common on YouTube, and people love to watch them. I think it’s one of the few times you can almost guarantee a display of pure joy and happiness, and people enjoy witnessing that. I think the way we did it amplified the reaction from our family. It was on Christmas day, and we had made a video compilation of home movies from when Caryn and her siblings were growing up. We showed everyone and they got super emotional from the video, but then added a little segment at the end where we showed our ultrasound video and announced that we were pregnant. Their reaction was explosive, with lots of tears, and people really enjoyed it!

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Where did the idea for the “Cribs” style video come from?
It was Caryn’s idea all the way! We are trying to make videos of interesting things during the pregnancy and beyond into parenthood, and one of the things we wanted to do was a nursery tour. I wanted to do a normal tour, similar to a lot that you can find on YouTube. But, Caryn suggested doing it like a MTV cribs episode. The more we talked about it, the more we thought it would be a lot of fun, and it was!

How difficult was it to create? I mean, it was perfect! The music, the effects, the language, I was immediately transported back to the early 2000’s!
Thanks! It wasn’t super difficult to create. We filmed it in about an hour and half, and just winged it! We didn’t have a script or much preplanning. We have a lot of great equipment that we’ve built up over the years shooting weddings, so we were able to get some higher production value.

Were you surprised by the popularity of the video? Was that the goal?
We were very surprised! We just wanted to make a fun video that we’d be proud of to show our family and friends. We thought the way the pregnancy announcement video blew up was a once-in-a-lifetime thing, so it was surprising when the Cribs video started getting so much attention! So, we are thrilled about it, but definitely not expecting it!

Will you continue the videos after your daughter is born? What other ideas do you have?
Absolutely. We will definitely be doing regular videos, either weekly or daily, which will document our little girl growing up. We want to show the journey into parenthood and also Cecilia’s life growing up. YouTube motivates us to make really good videos of these things, since we can share with a little audience, and the videos would all be in one place. We also want to do some more fun videos, like the Cribs video! YouTube is a great, low-pressure creative outlet for us. We can put our ideas out there without needing to make it into a huge TV or film production. We have some ideas in mind, but you’ll have to tune in to see.

What are you most looking forward to as a father?
The small day to day moments, like watching her discover new things about the world around her. Making her smile. And telling Dad jokes, lots of Dad jokes.

Congrats to Bryan and Caryn and be sure to visit The Canatellas YouTube page for more of their awesome videos and to follow along on their parenthood journey!

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