Things You Remember from Childhood that Your Kids Will Never Know


When you think back over the all things you had a child, it will either make you feel a sense of pride for how cool things were (aka Double Dare) or like you’re 100 years old and should be telling kids to ‘get off your lawn.’ Here are 10 things from our childhood that kids today just won’t be able to understand how cool they were at the time.





Sure the the CD would skip if you so much as looked at the Discman wrong but it was a small price to pay for being able to listen to Weird Al on the bus.


Dial Up Internet

No one use the phone because I’m going to log on to the internet and check my email

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Nintendo (NES)

Kids now days have multiple games and consoles to choose from. But when you were kicking it old school with the original Nintendo you just had Mario and Duck Hunt. Now get off my lawn.


Double Dare

For my entire fourth and fifth grade year I had a yellow double dare lunch box. If they ever brought Double Dare back I would drag my kids on the show just to fulfill my childhood dream.


Scented Markers


Nothing is better after a long day of peeling glue off your hand than sniffing a lemon marker.


Super Soaker 50


When the original Super Soaker 50 was released it become an overnight success and caused a water gun arms race.

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Fruit Stripe Gum


Fruit Stripe gum tasted great for about 8 seconds.


Speak & Spell




Yes kids, the idea that a computer could read you simple words was amazing.


McDonald’s Halloween Buckets


I don’t know why McDonald’s stopped offering the Halloween bucket but they were awesome and was large enough to collect a night’s worth of candy (not so fast orange circus peanuts).


“Mobile Gaming”


Who needs Angry Birds on the iPhone when you can play this in the car for three hours.



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