Creating the Ultimate ‘Man Cave’

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Everyone deserves their own space, somewhere to retreat after a long and stressful day. This is a fact of life, just as true for men as for anyone else. The “man cave” is the male equivalent to a day spa or getting a manicure; it’s where guys can go to just relax, unwind, and be pampered with sports, snacks, and beer. The man cave can also be combined with things like “boys’ night” or the Super Bowl for optimum spiritual and psychological rejuvenation. However, before it can be enjoyed, the dream of having a man cave must become a reality. Here are the components of the ultimate man cave.

Scouting for a Cave Location

Before making a man cave, there must be a place for the cave to root and grow. This is crucial because without a cave, there can be no man-caving.


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The traditional man-cave is usually a basement or in a garage, but sometimes an attic or shed. Why is that? Well-lit rooms with plenty of windows in centralized locations are prime real estate, usually reserved for things like bedrooms, offices, play rooms, craft rooms, guest bedrooms, and other areas typically given priority. As such, most man caves are almost a separate space from the rest of the home. However, there’s actually a benefit to this: Being somewhat separated from the rest of the home makes a man cave like its own little world, an oasis where men are less likely to be disturbed or interrupted.

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Of course, this doesn’t mean you can’t make a man cave in another other room. Throw up some blinds to simulate the dark ambiance of a basement cave and you’re in business. It’s important to keep in mind the adjacent rooms and the level of noise you’ll be able to make.

Prep the Cave

As mentioned, an important consideration will be how much noise you’ll be able to make in a man cave. Especially if your man cave will be in a high-traffic area of the home, it would be a good idea to do some sound-proofing. Fiberglass or other types of insulation installed between wall studs will ensure that late-night movie marathons, football games, and Call of Duty tournaments with buddies don’t wake or disturb other members of the family.

If your man cave is being installed in an attic, basement, or some other location similarly unkempt, it’s a good idea to do a little cleaning and redecorating. In fact, that’s not a bad idea either way. Some paint and new carpet can go a long way. Curtains can be a great addition for watching movies or playing video games during the day when the sun can cast an ungodly glare on your giant television. It doesn’t have to look like ready for the cover of a magazine unless that’s your style; however, there’s nothing wrong with having a man cave that’s clean and put-together.


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Furnishings and Electronics

Perhaps the most important piece of the main cave puzzle is also the biggest and consists of the cave contents. The sofas, chairs, tables, television, stereo, game systems, and everything else you’ll need in your main cave should be chosen deliberately. There are two routes you can go when you’re furnishing your man cave: The casual cave or the gentleman’s cave. The difference between these two cave styles will be reflected in the cave furnishings. A gentleman’s cave could have a leather sofas and high-quality wood throughout while a casual cave can contain mix-and-matched furniture either thrifted from around the house or even yard sales.

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The centerpiece of any man cave is almost always the television. If you can’t buy one immediately, save up and invest in a TV that’s 50 or more inches, but keep in mind that you’ll likely be viewing it from about five feet away. You can also include a soundbar for your television. Other things you’ll need include a Blu-Ray player, a stereo, game systems if you’re a gamer, a mini-fridge, and maybe a computer to keep in your man cave.


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Finishing Touches

Now that the core components of your man cave are in place, it’s time for the finishing touches. This includes all those extras that turn a man cave into your man cave based on what it is that you like. Consider adding things like a poker or game table, a foosball or ping pong table, a wet bar, a pool table, sports equipment like free weights or dumbbells, bookshelves and books, a workbench for DIY projects, a pinball machine or arcade games, musical instruments like a guitar or drums, and anything else that tickles your fancy. The key is to include all those things that you love, but that don’t fit or couldn’t be kept anywhere else in your home.

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