How Long Do You Wait To Post Newborn Photo Online?


Photo credit: Jason Howie

Photo credit: Jason Howie

I couldn’t help but notice this article about how long it takes new parents to post a photo of their newborn to Facebook.  It’s no secret Facebook has become nearly as ubiquitous as air these days, posting about relationships, food, vacations, and all other aspects of our lives.  So naturally, it’s the first place we turn to when we want to share our new bundle of joy.

“According to a poll by photo website Posterista, pictures of newborns appear online within an hour of birth. Of the parents surveyed, the average time it took to share their newborns’ first photo on a social media site was 57.9 minutes.”

As a first time parent myself, posting within one hour just seems so fast.  There’s a lot going on in that time, so I would have thought it would take longer.  However, when you think about it, it seems totally plausible.  No matter what social media site you use.

“The most popular outlets for displaying these images were Facebook (77%), Instagram (48%) and Flickr (32%)”

My wife gave me a list of friends to text with the first photo and info about Baby when he arrives.  The goal, sharing the excitement with them as soon as possible.  The exact same idea as posting to Facebook, but more immediately to those who’ve shared in the last nine months with us.

When you think about it though, in this digital age, that photo when it goes up within an hour of birth is seldom, if ever, printed.  The first documented account of their existence essentially gets lost with the hundreds of other photos you’ve uploaded to Facebook.  Some people hire professional photographers to document the event, we chose not to.  But this survey has me thinking, while the photo may not be perfect, it will be cause for keep.  Getting a printed copy will be important.

Parents, share your experience, how long did you wait before posting online?



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