“Two New Dads” Podcast: Episode 2


Editor’s Note: Before we became the “Dads Who Diaper” we were known as the “Two New Dads.” Same team, same great show, just different name. Podcast episodes 1-5 are under the “Two New Dads” name.

Like a bad cold your kids catch at daycare, the “Two New Dads” podcast is back!  We’re talking night terrors, beards, securing your children’s domain name & digital footprint, and sports teams allegiance, who do you root for?

Keiko Zoll, blogger extraordinaire

Keiko Zoll, blogger extraordinaire

We’re joined in this episode by Keiko Zoll, mommy, blogger, and online queen.  She writes for Disney Baby & runs The Infertility Voice.  Keiko joined us to talk about a topic I’m fascinated with.   The concept of purchasing online domain names for babies.  Paul & I have both done it, does that mean we’re trend setters? (probably not.)  However in our digital age, buying up domains is more akin to owning property or real estate.  It’s protecting your children for the future, at least that’s what “experts” say.  Keiko shares her advice as we dive into that topic today.  Make sure when you’re done with the podcast, you check out her site.  She has a wealth of knowledge about our digital world, and is an excellent resource for those facing infertility.

Also, on the podcast, which sports team should your little one root for?  Your favorite, the hometown team, or find their own?  We take a swing at what it’s like to love one team your little one may not.

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